Absolutely. If you have curbside recycling pickups at your residence, you can add the glass bottles, cardboard packaging and metal bottle caps to the recycling streams. If you live in a state with a bottle bill, you most likely put a deposit on that Sierra Nevada bottle. Find a buy-back center near you to redeem that deposit! If you do not have curbside recycling collections, check with your city or county to find out what recycling collections exist in your community. If your community does not have any recycling collections, you should start one!

Our Estate® Ale, made with organic hops and barley, is a USDA certified organic beer. The hops and barley are what make this ale truly “estate” because they are grown right here in Chico, CA, on Sierra Nevada land. For all of our other beers, we purchase more organic hops and barley than most other brewers. We also work closely with hop and barley farmers to understand what hurdles they face in moving toward more sustainable growing practices.

Although we are working toward 100% self-generation through the use of solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells, we will never truly be “off the grid.” We will always need to be connected to our local utility grid, especially for instances where we produce more power than we need. When we are producing more than 100% of our power needs we are able to sell excess electricity back to the utility and help supply our local community with clean power. With that said, at our Chico brewery, we have invested in one of the largest privately owned solar photovoltaic installations in the country. Our solar installation includes more than 10,500 individual panels and can provide up to 1.5 megawatts of AC power. Coupled with our solar panels is a one megawatt hydrogen fuel cell system. Between the two systems, we are capable of producing more than half of our total power needs on an annual basis. Click here for a real-time look at how much power our solar panels and fuel cells are producing.

Additionally at our North Carolina brewery, we’ve installed 2,200 photovoltaic panels which produce 710 kilowatts of AC power and coupled that with two micro-turbines that run of off methane gas produced naturally as part of our wastewater treatment. When combined, the solar array and the micro-turbines will produce about 1 megawatt of AC power.

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Yes! You can download the Sierra Nevada Sustainability Report from our Sustainability page.