Water & Biogas Recovery

As one of the primary ingredients in beer, and a vitally important resource, water is always on our mind. We’re working to bring our water usage down to historic lows in the brewing industry.

Stormwater Management

To accommodate the vast amount of rainfall at our Mills River, NC, brewery, we created an extensive stormwater recovery system. Permeable pavers allow water to percolate into groundwater supplies and nearly 530,000 gallons of cistern space captures rainwater from the rooftops and paved surfaces. The water is then distributed around the brewery for non-potable uses. Excess water is channeled into the nearby French Broad River through an engineered stream, offering cleaner water to the river and helping to prevent erosion.

Water Treatment

In Chico and Mills River, on-site wastewater treatment facilities take effluent water from each brewery and pre-treat it before sending it to the municipal treatment facility. Biogas produced from the wastewater treatment process is recovered and then used to fuel our boilers at both breweries and our microturbines in Mills River.