Our new brewery in Mills River, NC, was the most impactful effort we’ve made to reduce transportation emissions across the country, but we continue to look for ways to reduce further and improve efficiency. We transport beer via rail when possible to limit truck emissions and each brewery receives grain at its own private rail spur. To make the most of the road, our trucks are never empty – we drop off beer and then pick up packaging materials for the return trip. Trucks are also equipped with the latest and cleanest technology including fenders, flares, reduced drag mud flaps, and speed regulators.

Alternative Transportation

Every drop of used vegetable oil from our restaurants is converted into biodiesel. In Chico, we make biodiesel on site then use it in our beer delivery trucks. In Mills River, we’ve partnered with a local biodiesel manufacturer who sells biodiesel locally. For our brewery guests, we have electric vehicle charging stations free to anyone with an electric car. We also designed bicycle maintenance stations using recycled beer kegs so our visitors can tune up before heading home.