Otra Vez™ Lime & Agave Porter


Untamed, unfiltered, and unafraid.

Inspired by traditional Bavarian techniques, Kellerweis is a true artisan experience. With Kellerweis, we brew in open fermentation tanks—a process rarely seen today—to let the ingredients truly shine. The result is a hazy wheat ale—untamed, raw and alive. With a full, fruity aroma and notes of spicy clove and banana bread, Kellerweis is a truly unique brew.

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  • Alcohol Content 4.8% by volume
  • Beginning gravity 12.3° plato
  • Ending Gravity 3.5° plato
  • Bitterness Units 15


  • Yeast Hefeweizen ale yeast
  • Bittering Hops Perle or Sterling
  • Malts Two-row Pale, Wheat, Munich

Food Pairing

  • Cuisine Fruit Salad, Grilled Salmon, Bratwurst
  • Cheese Brie, Camembert

Brewing is as much art as science, and all beer specifications and raw materials are subject to change at our brewers' creative discretion.

  • Open Fermentation

    Most beer is made in tall, cylindrical, fermentation tanks. Some beers, however, just can’t be confined. Beers that feature unique yeast character just won’t behave like the others. These beers thrive in traditional open fermenters—steel tanks, open at the top to allow the yeast to breathe, live, and be happy. The yeast reacts differently when given this free-range alternative, producing depth, character and flavor.

  • Wheat

    Most beer is made with malted barley alone, but some styles call for the use of wheat in addition to barley. Wheat often contributes a delicate body and light lemony tartness, and can add to impressive foam retention due to higher protein content. Wheat does not have a husk like barley, so it can cause problems in the brewhouse because it can “stick,” making separating the sweet wort from the grain matter difficult.

  • Yeast

    Brewer’s yeast are unicellular fungi of the Saccharomyces family. Saccharomyces consume sugars during the process of fermentation and produce ethanol and carbon dioxide as byproducts. In addition to the business of fermentation, yeast can also provide a wide range of flavor and character in a beer. Some more neutral “American-style” yeast strains are noted for clean aromas with mild fruity character. Some yeast used for traditional German Hefeweizen are noted for intense flavors of banana and clove.