Wintertide Ale

Northern Hemisphere Harvest® Holiday Haze IPA

Wintertide Ale

Spice up the season

In times of old, no holiday feast was complete without a tankard of spiced ale served next to a roaring fire. That’s a tradition we’d like to see continue (tankard optional) with our Wintertide Ale. Brewed with rich caramel-like malts and a hint of coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, Wintertide is reminiscent of mom’s favorite holiday cookies.


  • Alcohol Content 6.0% by volume
  • Beginning gravity 15° plato
  • Ending Gravity 4.4° plato
  • Bitterness Units 20


  • Yeast Ale yeast
  • Bittering Hops German Magnum
  • Finishing Hops Madarina, Loral
  • Malts Two-row Pale, Munich, Honey, Oats, Especial, Carafa
  • Other Coriander, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cinnamon

Brewing is as much art as science, and all beer specifications and raw materials are subject to change at our brewers' creative discretion.