Hop Solo

Helles in the Tropics Pale Ale

Hop Solo

A showcase for Crystal hops

Here’s to the lone wolves, the misfits, the outsiders—those who prefer to stand on their own. Hop Solo IPA is brewed start to finish with only Crystal hops, allowing their spicy, woodsy, one-of-a-kind character to shine through.


  • Alcohol Content 5.5% by volume
  • Beginning gravity 12.5° plato
  • Ending Gravity 2.0° plato
  • Bitterness Units 55


  • Yeast Ale yeast
  • Bittering Hops Crystal
  • Finishing Hops Crystal
  • Malts Acidulated, C-35, Pale two-row, Wheat

Brewing is as much art as science, and all beer specifications and raw materials are subject to change at our brewers' creative discretion.